Will I be Fit by Forty?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Year in Review

Yes, I know that I probably should have posted this before the New Year rang in, but who knows what I might have accomplished in the last few minutes of 2011!

So, here’s my list - which I’ve broken up into categories.

Running Related:

- Ran outside for the first time...in public....in running stuff. I remember being so nervous that someone would see me. What would they think seeing me running? I’m not a runner? Would they laugh at me? Would they point and stare? Actually - no one was out there for my first run. :)
- Ran outside for the first time in public with other people
- Ran my first mile without stopping
- Ran my first two miles without stopping
- Ran my first three miles without stopping
- Ran my first road race (Anthem 5K)
- Ran my first 10K road race (Rodes City Run)
- Got fitted for my first pair of running shoes
- Ran my first 10 mile road race (Papa Johns)
- Met RTVers for my first group run (three times around the Cherokee Loop for me!)
- Signed up for and ran my first half marathon (Geist Half Marathon - Nobelsville, IN)
- Got to put my 13.1 sticker on the back of my car
- Experienced post-race let down 
- Ran the Barnyard Dash (10K)
- Ran the Warrior Dash (5K) - Ok, who am I kidding. I walked the Warrior Dash and tried really hard not to die. :misc_008: 
- Ran the Fort4Fitness Half Marathon (Ft. Wayne, IN) 
- Joined RTVers for two more group runs
- Started training for my third half marathon

Fitness/Weight Loss Related

- Started taking kettlebell classes in June
- Realized that kettlebells were going to kick my a*& and I kind of liked it
- Consistently attended class twice a week for seven months
- Have muscles in places I didn’t know muscles could exist (at least not on me)
- Finished the Advanced Kettlebell training classes
- Lost 8.1 pounds - which makes me want to CRY! At my lowest, I had lost 21 pounds, but I’ve gained quite a bit back in the past 6 months. (total weight loss so far is 73 pounds)
- Even though I’ve only lost 8.1 pounds in the past year, I have dropped 2 dress sizes
- Even though I’ve only lost 8.1 pounds in the past year, I feel the fittest and healthiest I ever have


- Participated in two musicals (music directed Hairspray and on stage for Cinderella)
- Sent my son off to the big bad world of kindergarten
- Got a new job
- Vacation on Sanibel
- Lots of travel for work

2011 was a good year for me - and for my family. Now I’m looking forward to what 2012 will bring!