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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Geist Half Marathon - Race Report

(This is the race report I wrote just after running my first half marathon on May 21, 2011)

This whole week I’ve been a nervous wreck. I think part of it was the uncertainty. A lot of it was that my whole family was going to be there. My brother (who runs 2-3 halfs a year) was going to run the race with me, my sis-in-law and mom and dad (as well as my husband and son) were also going to be there.  I just wanted to finish - and not get picked up by the slow bus. L:( 

We got to Nobelsville, IN by 1:30 Friday afternoon. We couldn’t get into our room which stressed me out (traveling with a five year old will do that to you). We finally got into our room and immediately went to into the pool. After about 30 minutes I realized my iPhone started randomly playing J. Lo’s On the Floor. I soon realized that my iPhone wasn’t working right. I freaked out - how was I going to play my music and have my Runmeter work???? I got changed, (where I realized that I had still had my underwear on underneath my bathing suit - seriously? who does that????) and went to the Verizon store that was close. They couldn’t figure it out so they sent me back into Indy to the Apple Store. I cried the whole way. (can you say stressed?) W:() 

They figured out that I had way too many apps open in the background and I had hosed the memory. They got me fixed and I calmed down just a bit.

Packet pickup was very smooth Friday night. It was pretty cool to walk over to the half marathon section instead of the 5K section. 

My brother and I decided to meet at 6:30 to get down to the parking lot before walking down to the start. It was a nice morning - clear and not too hot. We made our way to the start line. My brother wanted to start with me and he said he was going to run with me. I knew that wouldn’t work as he runs much faster then I do. I didn’t want him to pull back and I was afraid that I would try to run too fast. I was pretty emotional at this point. I still couldn’t believe I was doing this and doing it with my brother.

Chris and I before the race

Just before the race started we noticed a couple ahead of us - you know - one of those that just makes you want to tell them to get a room. They were all over each other and then I noticed that they had a scarf tied around their wrists connecting them together.  Are you kidding me?   

The race started - at about the .25 mile mark I convinced my brother to just go on. He was gone and I was on my own. The first three miles were nice and easy. My pace was pretty good (a little fast - but not too much). I saw my mom, dad, sis-in-law and her parents at the 3 mile mark. My mom was crying - which made me very emotional and it took me about a half a mile to recover.

The course was mostly through residential areas - and really nice residential areas. I found myself looking at the houses and not paying attention to my running. At this point it was getting warmer and warmer and warmer - and there was NO breeze. Luckily it was mostly in the shade at this point. At about mile 4.5 I finally passed scarf couple. Which was good because they were really annoying me at this point. :wink: 

I was still doing well. Taking water and Gatorade whenever it was offered. I was also taking my sports beans every couple of miles. There were people along the course - but not a ton. At this point all I could think about was how you guys would all have to come run this course as it seemed so flat to me!

Then mile 7 - 8 came. This was where the BIG hill on the course was supposed to happen. The hill started going up - and I thought it didn’t seem too bad. Then the second part of the hill came and I walked for the first time. I walked for about a quarter of a mile. 

I started running again. At about mile 9 I started hitting my wall (2 miles later then the Papa Johns!). I was SO hot - and my butt was really starting to tighten up. Around mile 9 there were water misters every few miles. That was a really nice touch. One homeowner made his own mister out of his garden hose and it was the best yet. In fact, one of the guys running near me at that point said, “There is a special place in heaven for that guy!”

From miles 10 - 12 I walked more then ran. I was a little disappointed in myself and my body was just tired. And hot - have I mentioned that yet? At mile 11 I realized that I was getting a blister on the back of my right foot. I have never experienced any foot issues before and I kind of freaked out. I stopped and pulled my sock up a little bit and it felt better so I calmed down. About this time I was getting passed by old people walking when I was trying to run. I can’t tell you how discouraging that is! It was during this time that my GPS/Runmeter started going crazy. Previous to this, I was running around 13:30 miles. When I started walking it thought I was doing 10 minute miles. Um....I don’t think so.

Runmeter thought I was done with the race already. My brother met me at about ¼ of a mile left. My mom and dad and sis-in-law were there as well. I sprinted the last bit and was so happy to cross the finish line!!!! I also had to bite my lip pretty hard for the last ½ mile or so to try not to cry. I’m such an emotional basket case.:crybaby: 

I got my medal, some water, a banana and some pretzels. My whole body hurt but I have to admit I felt slightly better then I did when I finished the 10 miler.

Chris and I after the race

The really funny part was my brother was going on and on about how horrible the hills were. How this was the hardest half he had ever run (although he just did the Indy 500 half two weeks ago - so I’m sure he was still in recovery from that). I thought just the opposite! Except for the horrible hill at mile 7 ½ I thought it was pretty flat!

We had to rush back to the hotel so I could get a shower before checkout so I didn’t get to enjoy the food/beer/massages that were available. 

Did lunch and stuff with the whole family before making the 2 ½ hour ride home. I was doing pretty good except for the horrible butt cramps. :bootyshake: 

Before heading home - I put my new 13.1 sticker on the back of my car. I was so proud - I almost started crying again.

Results - Time: 3:14:27 - Average Pace: 14:51 (much slower then I wanted) - Finished 2,490 out of 2,699. I wasn’t last!!!


1. The whole time I was running I was writing this race report in my head. I thought of all kinds of things to say - and a lot of them were really funny. You will just have to trust me on this one as I now can’t remember anything I wanted to say.

2. I need to Body Glide my WHOLE body - even if it’s not a place that normally bothers me. I don’t think I’d have the blister on my foot if I would have taken care of that.

3. Runners are some of the nicest people. (at least the ones I’ve been lucky to come across) There were two ladies that were in my hotel that talked to me this morning. The one lady has done over 100 half marathons and the other has done about 30. They gave me some good advice and when I saw them back at the hotel after the race they were so excited for me. There is also the dad of two of the kids that I’ve done musicals with that also ran the race. He has been so supportive - and even called me when it was done to congratulate me.

4. I never realized how special it would be to do this with my brother. We aren’t especially close - mostly because of the age difference. I’m so glad I decided to do this race with him. It was pretty special (and guess what - I’m crying typing this!) :crybaby: 

5. M&Ms help butt cramps (ok - maybe not really - but they certainly don’t hurt)

6. So does Cold Stone Creamery (is this the reason why I haven’t lost any weight in the past couple of weeks?)

7. My favorite sign that I saw was - “Great job Alex! Walk the dog when you get home.” Followed closely by - “Make the race your bitch.”

8. And although I’m sitting on the couch in pain - I’m ready to do another one. :D 

This was me during the last 1/4 of a mile.

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