Will I be Fit by Forty?

Sunday, June 12, 2011


NSV = Non Scale Victory

On this journey you can't just look at the scale.  The scale is just a hunk of metal that can be really mean sometimes.

There are other things that need to be noticed especially when the scale isn't being very nice.

I had a NSV today.

I'm currently in rehearsals for the latest musical I'm involved in.  (Cinderella - I play one of the stepsisters!!)  I thought I had my costumes all taken care of until we decided that it probably made sense for the two stepsisters to wear matching dresses for the wedding scene.  (we are the bridesmaids for Cinderella)

Tonight we went up to the costume room to see if a group of matching dresses were made for a show last year would work.  I was a little nervous - I've never been able to go into a costume room and find something to fit me.

And tonight I did!  I actually pulled a dress off of the rack and it fit.  I was in shock!

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