Will I be Fit by Forty?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Update

Went to my Kettlebell class today.  It was a hard one!

We did a circuit - starting with those big ropes that you move back and forth, then two handed kettlebell swings, then the bungee cord type ropes to work the arms, then squat thrusts (I HATE those!!!) and then these rings from the ceiling that we help onto, leaned back and had to pull ourselves up.

We did the circuit four times - took a two minute break and then did it all again.

Wow - it really worked my arms - and it was HARD!

But, I noticed that I was able to keep up.  And I also noticed that as much as I hate the squat thrusts, I'm getting better at them.

I'm still surprised at how much I love this class.

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